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All good plans

April 7, 2011

Help I’ve fallen into the sofa/armchair/computer chair, and I can’t get up.

How long can I stall, do you suppose?

Before my children realize that normal mothers actually don’t wear pajamas sweats all day and say ‘let me think about it’ so they can not actually commit. I’d like to take lazy to a new level but it is day 5 of vacation and even I am disgusted with the lack of productive action. I had plans people, I had plans for this week. Imagine painted walls, clean baseboards ( that one’s for you Mom)  organized garages, cupboards cleared out etc.  Granted, I am on oh praise the graven images the LAST load of laundry. This sounds impressive yes? um…the washing of the laundry not the folding. sigh.

And then I found this

and this in the fridge.

REALLY? REALLY?  Does this happen at your house? Am I the only one who can tell full and empty. Granted I didn’t let the last  two kids watch Sesame Street do you think they missed that important episode?

Which sent me on a search of what other items might be languishing. Why, why why?

Should I move the trash can closer to the fridge? Is the walk across the room exhausting?

Perhaps offer a demo on food and waste removal? “see the little drop of OJ, this means we throw it away now, no one will drink one drop. Watch Momma/Wife see how Momma/Wife throws the container into the recycle bag?”    ( the recycle bag, do not get me started on the lessons that would entail)

No wonder I am exhausted and need to recline.






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