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Simple Woman Weekend edition

April 10, 2011

Simple Woman Weekend edition….. Saturday and Sunday

Outside my window…Friday night we went to bed with hail and streaming rain. This morning we awoke to sun and robin’s egg blue skies. Deceiving though, as I can see the dark clouds rollin’ in. Make up your mind Mother Nature.

I am thinking…That today is the day for new pillows.

I am thankful for…Dinner last night. Craving a cheesy potato thingy, I made brie/gruyere/cheddar au gratin potatoes and chicken wings. It was soo yummy. I may eat it for lunch.

From the learning rooms...4th grade in California studies the Missions, projects are made,presented and then they get to come home. Order’s class years ago build a replica of a mission. While fun, it wasn’t something you could keep indefinitely. Try though as we might the “stucco” fell off , “adobe” disintegrated, leaving me to pitch the collapsing mess.

This year, thank you Ms. Davis, there were other options. You could build, paint, photograph or interview a docent.  Beauty chose to take on two of the options ( it was all about the points to her) painting and photographing.

The day we went to the mission was a bitterly cold and windy day. As we wandered amongst the ruins taking photographs it led to meaningful conversations of life back in 1776.

How weather like what we were experiencing wouldn’t be blocked out by a steel car door and rolling tires. The rooms were chilly, enough so that one didn’t need to imagine winter in a mission being harsh.

From the kitchen… A room full of boys. Spending my afternoons with kindergarten boys I have an idea of the energy created in one small male package. However it seems that while the energy continues the intelligence may take time to catch up.  Usually they cluster and congregate on my front porch, using the kumquats as missiles  and each other as target practice. This morning they changed battle plans using the bug zapper. So this is what I am missing by having girls?

I am wearing… I am dressed, and that is all that counts.

I am creating… Pickles and a relish perhaps Chow Chow. Vinegar fumes to follow.

I am going…Off to the Great Park to talk with the Orange County Farm Board details to follow.

I am reading… These.

I am hearing…French toast sizzling. Coach humming,children laughing, washer and dryer rumbling away; that’s what weekends are made of.

One of my favorite things… Good friend and amazing rider (National Champion)  Justin Williams came to ride with the team.  He is an amazing graffiti style artist, though his art is mobile.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Spring break is over, off we go to school again. Sigh. The slow pace of this week and being at home has been much needed. I forgot what a home body I truly am.

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