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Simple Woman Saturday-Redo

April 23, 2011

If you are getting this twice it is because word-press is cranky. It will not let me correct spelling or grammar, add or delete, so I trashed the first posts, sorry. But now you know the error my ways.

Inside my kitchen..

Off to the races. As the season begins to get under full sway, Saturdays become the territory for the girls and I. Coach and Order  often leave early to drive allover Southern California, today they are off to Diamond Bar.

I am thinking…

I have now wasted 8 million hours searching google for what to make for Easter tomorrow?

What you don’t wait till the day before guests arrive to figure out your menu? me either usually. But well life derailed time me theses past few weeks and here I am.

So what will I be serving for Easter since I gave so much time to new inventive creative twists on my meal? Um, the usual.  A ham glazed with a mustard pineapple, horseradish thingy, potatoes ( a luscious concoction only a child of the 60’s would like-can you say casserole?) , roasted asparagus, roasted carrots, and ambrosia salad because I don’t care what anyone says I need my goopy gooey, canned fruit salad, fresh fruit and some green salad probably. I am also considering lamb. I love lamb, Coach does not but our guests like it as well, so I may char me a few chops.

I am thankful for…

My friend Sarah and her family. This year unlike any year except when I lived out of state we will not be spending time with my family or Coach’s family for Easter. It feels rather odd, and anti celebratory. In an effort to offer my girls a feeling of  continuity of tradition and frankly so it just doesn’t feel like another weekend but just add chocolate bunnies, Sarah and crew will join us for an elegantly casual dinner.

I am wearing…

Clogs and jeans, a blouse, apron and sweater.

I am creating…

Ohh here is a peek. Took a class form the Living Crafts magazine featured artist.

I am going…

Grocery shopping.

I am reading…


I am hoping…

The Easter Bunny runs on time tonight.

I am hearing…

Crying. And I am ignoring it. If you wrestle it never ever turns out well. How the human species still does this is beyond me. Has any set of children that have rolled on the floor/bed/sofa/surface, giggling  uncontrollably, shrieking and yelling ever, ever come to any good? I think not. Thus, Why? Why evolution, why do they continue?

Around the house…

See above. Add cleaning up.

One of my favorite things…

A few plans for the rest of the week:

The Auction. Did I tell you I volunteered with two girlfriends to chair the annual school auction gala? I did. We have baskets to create and wrap. RSVP’s and food choices to organize. I also am making the centerpieces. We have two weeks. We are insane and speak to each other more than our spouses.

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