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Going Once, Going Twice, Still Going

May 4, 2011

The Auction action continues.

Early Saturday  morning Coach walked me to the car.

I drove to Meggan’s and  we formed an excavation team to unearth her guest bedroom.

Well ,first Fara, Meggan and I went to the venue and had a lovely breakfast in the warm spring sun, cooling  off with Mimosas, in preparation for what we knew would be a long day.

Fortified, (read,relaxed and cheerful, a state our husbands have missed these last few months) the challenge of the Making Of The Baskets began. Frankly the Royal Wedding has nothing on us.

I wanted to offer you an accurate count of trips up and down the stairs (ok actually I wanted to count to see if I burned any calories) but after the 5 of us had made 8 gazillion trips, I gave up. 10, 000 steps indeed.

Suffice it to say there were ample enough items to stock a small retail boutique. At hour 6 we called a break for burritos, wine and laughter.


At hour 9 or was it 12  we were done. And lookie, lookie how it came together  at midnight,

when the final three of us who began together,

finished wrapping up. Pun intended.  Like Easter baskets on steroids.

We have over 75 baskets, 25 stand alone items like surf boards, art, vacations and they are lovely.

You know its going to be good when you’re trying to make baskets intended for you. Ahem Lisa……

Earlier in the day ,Coach brought the girls over to hang with Meggan’s crew. The Men took them to the beach for surfing and tide pool exploration.

After which to make a great day better…S’Mores. ( fuzzy picture, I was a wee bit tired)

Paddles go up Saturday. Hope I can get up on Sunday.

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