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Life is Good

May 29, 2011

I am not a farmer.

 I would’a made a great farmer’s wife.

Not that I’m not a great wife.

I am an amazing wife if I do say so myself, despite the fact my husband made the unfortunate choice of not being a farmer.

My un-farmer would  look good in a hat.

I like men in hats.

To console myself ( about the farm thing not the hat thing) I  gaze at this picture I took of a poster.

 I wish I’d bought the poster instead of taking a lousy picture of it.

Why, why ,why  Delilah.

I also hum Tom Jones but that is another post which features no farmers, or men in hats, only men who wear tight pants.

Anyway. I am not a farmer or married to a farmer or living in a farmhouse.

But I do like me a farmers market.

And farmer’s markets with gourmet food trucks? Pop my top.

 Note to self, remove her nail polish.

Life is good.

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