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Ms. Tammra 2, Kindergartners 1,000,000

June 3, 2011

Let’s play a little game I call, What was she thinking.

There is that saying, “If you want something done, ask the busiest person you know.” 

You’ve heard of it?

And it’s corollary,  I hope you bought enough  insurance for all the plates you think you can juggle.

I feel sure that if my high school principal  Mr Berger knew how hard I was working he would be stunned.

Lord knows my parents are.

See, I said I wasn’t a slacker, just slow.

This is all to say that we found a snake on campus while I assisted kindy. Oh and that I am now a kindy assistant.

It was a beautiful snake. About 5 feet long, a stunning golden and black. No rattle.

He was sun bathing in the kindy garden. Now how often do you get to say that, the kindergarten garden.

Later that afternoon during kindy aftercare I knew we had an issue when  preschool mothers began to moon walk backwards.
He’d  decided to meander across campus pausing to  rest in the main walkway and then slither  under the 7th grade classroom.

Now, this is not my first Kindergarten Rodeo. But as the country song goes: The competition’s getting younger ,Tougher broncs, you know I can’t recall , Lord, I’m much too young to feel this damn old.

So while I like kindies and they like me, I need to be careful during rest time that they don’t need to wake me up. Not that this has ever happened. And, I need to be careful not because they would be upset if I snored, they’d giggle and poke me awake, but because kindies talk. A lot. About all sorts of things.

Interesting and informative things. See a  kindergartener has not learned to socially filter their observations, detailed reports from home, who did what to whom.  While I am not naming names, I know stuff you don’t want your mother to know, or apparently mother in law either.

Another feature I didn’t expect is the evolution to marsupial. Much like Christmas stockings I never know what will appear from the apron pocket come end of day.

Rita my Lead Teacher is patient with me. Even when I hustled on up to her in the play yard white knuckled and ashen. Smiling from beneath my sun hat, soto singing voice,  Um, Miss Rita, did you know there was a rat on the counter?

Umhmm, Miss. Tammra,  it’s Tommy’s  show and tell.


Um  Rita, can I tell you that it showed itself right out of the cage and is crawling across the counter?


FYI- The pot alone was insufficient. So we added 5 cutting boards, and later…..a large wooden crate.

Everything in kindy has my number.

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  1. holly permalink
    June 3, 2011 9:26 pm

    Tammara,The snake…I beautiful! I could create a pattern
    to use in a Handwork lesson.I can see it now.You,a natural story teller,re-telling the “life experience”to my class(gesters and all)while I prepare a creation out of it! How I enjoy hearing you as a “waldorfean”….
    You have come into your own.
    I loved reading this and think a book is in the making.If we do it together I will create the crafts to make it fly>
    sure would be fun.
    Congradulations on the position. In a very short time you will be the lead…You already are, in all you have done!!!

  2. Te permalink*
    July 13, 2011 2:10 pm

    nice mom -beauty

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