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Simple Woman Saturday

July 16, 2011

Good Morning.

Outside my window…A palette of whites and green. June gloom has become confused and is visiting her cousin July.

I am thinking…  That I have tried to write this 3 times this morning and it’s just not flowing. Maybe it’s because we had a sleepover here. 5 little girls under the age of  11. I know, am I cool or what ?

I am thankful… To be home.

From the learning rooms… Harmony has almost mastered reading. I know this because my shadow follows me around reading out loud. All. Day. Long. Literacy may be overrated. That dog Biscuit and his little red ball may be sent to the pound.

In the kitchen… With survival skills still in effect from my long trip Coach is making hash browns, eggs, pancakes and bacon. I am still processing tomatoes.

I am wearing…Cozy clothes.

I am creating… We made this last night. It didn’t harden in time so now its breakfast. Yum.

I am going… Tonight my good friend April invited me for a girls nite out.. I do so love my April, remember her from this post?     Anyhoo, we’re going to the Pageant of Masters. Cannot wait!

I am wondering..Anybody wanna go camping locally?

I am reading… Text books, gardening books and cookbooks.

I am hoping…They will remember night swimming during the summer. The moon was amazing last night.

I am looking forward to… Next Saturday. My baby brother is getting married to the Fabulous Coco.

I am hearing… Giggling. Lots and lots of giggling, with a few shrieks added for effect.  Not to mention a very serious debate about Greek Goddesses and the merits of choosing one to be for Halloween.

Around the house… She sees seashells.

I am pondering… Apparently 3 things for the coming year. So says my mentor who sent me an assignment that was due last night. I’ve pondered what to write. Does that count?

One of my favorite things… 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Getting ready for the wedding.  Finding a dress. I know, I know.

For more information please see simple-woman-daybook.jpg

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