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Apple Pie In the Sky

July 29, 2011

Don’t we all just want a happy home? A little slice of Apple Pie in the Sky.

This week Beauty and Harmony  learned that a stitch in time saves nine. Literally. Rip out a seam and you know what I mean. They joined a Waldorf inspired sewing class offered by my friend Johanna and entered the flossy world of embroidery and hand stitching.

Johanna is one of those women who you just know that one day  her  book flap bio will say,” I had only thought I wanted to make a skirt for my daughter. I had no idea it would lead to a book,  world sewing  dominance and folk music revival.”

I heart Johanna. I heart her cozy house where I could get lost in shelf after shelf of books, eccentric stringed instruments her husband Brad can play, Oslo the cat, an entire wall of LP’s one of which soothingly played in the background during sewing, and the fact the Brad makes a mean cappuccino with cardamom. ( People, he grinds it into the grounds, I’d read of this in books but REALLY?  REVELATION, it was yummy. I chewed a piece because, well books talk about chewing cardamom)

It was as if I’d slid down Alice’s looking-glass hole  into a world that I see and read about where the characters are “doing it, living it and enjoying it” IT being the sewing, cooking, reading, creating, grinding, and growing that I only imagine or begin and then peter out with.

This periodically happens to me. I find myself standing in a space causing the Teutonic plates of my life to shift. Sometimes its a home, or  a place in nature , a passage in a book,  a sentence casually said by a friend, a picture in a book.  Apparently I am easily moved, but once shifted my eyes begin to look and see things differently. Sometimes I think of it  inspiration but often its just perspective.

Do you have this in your life?  I stand in Johanna’s sewing room and think, geeze Te, you have a room full of sewing machines and things to stitch ,why are you not doing anything with it? Whats up Sunshine?  Somewhere I collected the idea that if I were do something, it would need a purpose. As in, if I were to try embroidery it should do something or be for something, serve a purpose. Thus I have many half begun projects that I want to try out, some I liked some not so much but not finished because ,well what was I really going to do with it. 

The point being, and I do have a point in here somewhere, is that I came home inspired. I came home and looked around to see what my home might be like to someone else. I think I might like the lady who lives here. She is embroidering a pocket for an apron. Hmm, wonder if she has cardamom?

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