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From where she sits

August 3, 2011

Today is Beauty’s Birthday, we have been blessed with this glorious, outgoing, funny, multi-talented child for 11 years now.

All of the children’s birthdays, my sisters included, have the joy of multiple celebrations. Most all begin on Sundays with the usual Family Dinner. This morning we had present opening  over farm animal waffles, and later tonight there will be another family dinner .

Because we do friend birthday parties every other year, we’ll probably go to the county fair this weekend to cap it off. Nothing says Happy Birthday  like cotton candy and a ferris wheel to  juice ’em up and spin ’em around and make ’em barf. So while we’re on the subject of white trash events…..

Many times through the years I have made the birthday cake. There was the ladybug, the doll in the cake, Olympic rings, square cakes, round cakes, a lamb cake, a pig cake. A regular baker am I . Both my grandmothers baked cakes professionally and one was the go to gal in the 40’s and 50’s  for local wedding cakes. She even had one that was a pink elephant with , ummm girls on it for the bachelor party. I say this to you because I feel the need  for  you know that we did hit an all time new low around here on Sunday night.

While this year I bought a yummy ice-cream cake ( ok yummy pushes it, couldn’t they try to make the cake taste moist and delicious?) the decorations are um mm………well see for yourself. 

I present to you the Ghetto Cake.

Woo wee hot damn, you to0 can  take any fine-looking cake and light the night on fire.  For only  $1.99 , and a leftover number 7 candle from another child’s birthday that you scrounged to find in grandma’s drawer ; you too can be like us. Try not to be jealous of our style.

Yes the cake tonight will have official candles.

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  1. 5andcounting permalink
    August 3, 2011 12:06 pm

    Hey, your not suppose to tell people and show a picture of THAT cake..
    That was “what can we do to have something to blow out occasion”
    Because we do have so many Sunday night family birthday dinner, I usually can scrounge up some candles. But it will always remain down thought family history of the biggest flame
    she got to blow out.
    Can’t wait for tonights cake….I know it will be yummy

  2. heather permalink
    August 3, 2011 1:23 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLOTTE!!! We hope you have a great day, and we look forward to seeing you for the fair this weekend. Should we get cotton candy, snow cones, funnel cakes, or foot long hot dogs? Cheers!
    Love, Linden, Rylen, Aunt Heather and Uncle John


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