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Random Thoughts Thursday

August 11, 2011



Do you think God was including Anthropologie when he wrote that bit about  ‘Thou shalt not covet?’

Because frankly I am going to H-e  double  if He did.

But Baby I’ll be going in STYLE!      index.jsp  (all images Anthropologie)


Oooh ,saw The Help  last night with my book group. No we didn’t consider that this month’s page turner. Geeze give us a little credit, the gold-bound book was read and discussed much earlier in the year. So it was with great pleasure that the movie was as lovely as it was. You can never really echo the images from your mind on a movie screen, but this movie did a wonderful job at creating something very close.

The lousy weather today is my fault. Sorry. I’m really praying for a cool rainy day. Bad news-it’s overcast, Good news-I don’t have that much pull with the Big Guy so it will probably clear up.

 Partly Cloudy 68* Wind SW at 9mph


I rode an elephant on Sunday. Yep really. At the Fair, with 5 squirmy kids who really dragged down my inner mind meld with Becky. That was the elephants name. In our brief circle around the pen I felt at one with all Elephant Kind. Lord knows I’m eating way to their side of the world.

There are wild parrots around here,  in the alleyway trees, grocery store parking lots and larger neighborhood . Parrots are loud, their shriek is enough to make you haul your stationery tea sipping self away from the blog you’re reading to see What the hootenanny is going on out there. My kids can’t even do that. Way loud, and they have good aim when they chuck things at you, like an unripe green olive. This is my official proclamation that we will never buy a parrot. Ever. Maybe an elephant though.

This post is because I am stalling from cleaning the bathroom, and laundry. Oh boy don’t even ask about the laundry. For a season where you supposedly wear less clothing ,Houston  we have us a weight to floor support issue.

Ok fine I’ll go fold.



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