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Shallow Water

August 14, 2011

It only needed a mermaid, and I had one willing.

We visited the Birch Aquarium a week or so ago with my sister-in-law. As we know I do not get out much, so I had no idea that this existed down in La Jolla, but apparently there are lots of things I don’t know. Go figure.

As a smaller facility the Birch is a hands on interpretive center from Scripps University that offers ocean science education. By far the most engaging is their two-story, 70,000-gallon tank, that comes complete with a live Kelp-cam    HD Kelp Cam

The  tide-pool exhibit with simulated waves was something all the cousins could get behind.

My sis-in-law and I spent a fair amount of time holding certain small feet down at the tide pools.

I have certain question to ask some day should I ever bump into the Universal Creator.

Most lead in with why? Why is this one of the few creatures that the male carries and delivers the babies? Really? All that time and effort to create this fantastical fairy tale creature……..

And then what? What happened, why’d You stop? Oh wait, I get it Fairy Tale.

Not amused.

I keep threatening about tossing them to the sharks if the beds aren’t made. They do not seem alarmed.

Somewhere out there, in  the deep blue sea off the Orange County coast. Who knew, again I don’t get out much.

What is it with this kid and bikes? Like a gravitational pull. However this bike, this one would pay for itself, glory hallelujah, it creates energy. I could finally get my money’s worth back from the groceries.

I wish there were more inside shots but a little monkey took off with my camera, leaving me with the phone camera and lots of red-eye.

Where should we go next ?

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