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Fun with Food

August 16, 2011

Living with children has its advantages, and disadvantages.This does not a revelation make I know. But what living with children does do is offer plenty ‘o space and time to question the sheer lack of birth control in our public water system. Ahem. Please note the ultimatum my Martin Luther self stuck to our door, one night after dinner.

On the other hand there is the entertainment factor. Let use food shall we.

This summer I declared a ban on boring food, insisting that the palettes  at Chez Tanner reach out and taste something.  I made such things as Cold Beet Soup (3 yums, 2 ucks) Cold Cucumber Soup ( a stunning 4 out of 5 would eat it again), Tuna Croquettes,( 5 thumbs up) a few Thai entrees that had execution issues, and so on. But I wanted my girlies to be able to try a few things that  were for them not on the usual menu rotation. I grew up with a fig tree in my aunt’s yard. My memory bank has me reaching up and tugging down a warm ripe sweet fig devouring it there on the little house’s front yard. Why does she tell us these things you may be asking. To this I reply its Tuesday and its my blog. AND I tried to share my love of  figs with the girls.

Sweet ripe juicy figs were pan seared , topped with marscapone and honey. I ate a lot of figs that night.

Which brings us to today. Friday would have been my mother in law’s birthday.

We often celebrate this day en’famile but this year it didn’t work out , so today my sister-in-law and the boys came over. After the pool and lunch my she pulled out the Bag’O Mom’s Food. Do not panic it is not left over food from her pantry 18 months ago but it could have been.

During clear out we found items in there that were from another decade. No exaggeration. ASk my mom about the Bisquick box up there on the left. Mmmhmm.

No, these were food that Mom would have liked or at least have wanted us to try.

The loot.

Lychee -nut Jellys. Kind of a jello thing that has a lychee-nut inside.

The clear peach won over the green plum, but was like slurping on a floral perfume.


As a child of  Philippines Mom loved all things “Oriental”.

A coffee,chocolate, mochi jelly.


It looks like it tastes. Leave it at that.

Judy was a phenomenal hostess and cook known for her parties and food.

Yes we know not Asian just packaged that way.


Her cook books, and recipe cards are here with me, but still the foods and meals from her childhood  that she in turn made for her children and grandchildren were never written down and  are now lost forever.

The thing about Asian sweets are they are overly sweet. Or not quite enough.


These went over OK, but I 'm eating the leftovers with tea tonight.

The Bag ‘O Mom Food was full of tasty foreign goodness. HA

Mom would have giggled and then taken them home. The food too,  not just the kids.



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