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August 24, 2011

– Morning Coach, how’s work. 

– Good what’s  up?

– Well do you want the bad news or the really bad news?

– Ummm, really bad news, should I brace myself ?

– Yes this is awful. The coffeemaker broke. 

(sound of wailing, tearing out of hair, renting of cloth and bad, bad words) – Thats messed up. Are you sure its broken.

– If it wasn’t before it is now, I fiddled with the plug, shook, it, rattled its cage and then slammed it against the counter just in case.

– I’d say its dead. I’m sorry for your loss. What will you do now?

– Oh never fear I have coffee here. 

 – You do? (voice confused and shocked)  How?

– My percolator. See, told you it was a good Goodwill buy. 

– Ok so then what the bad news?

– The plumber didn’t show up. So we still have no water.

– Thats the bad news not the really bad news its 11 am, we’ve been without water for 12 hours?

– Well in all fairness, it could have been worse I could have no coffee and no water.



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