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Park It

August 30, 2011

Because it was projected  to be  the hottest day of  summer we went to the park .

Well that and we needed to entertain my father in law and his new wife.

Well that and we  knew the pool and beaches would be packed and frankly we couldn’t think of anything else to do with the outlaws.

Well that and neither my sister in-law nor I would budge on entertaining, at our houses. So the park was the illogical choice.

  I don’t know about you or where you live but the demographics at the local regional park have changed. I felt like I was on vacation in another country which is not a judgement just a fact of life now days.  Life is what you make it and perspective is everything.

So I let my imagination go on vacation.


I picked my vacation place as Spain on a hot day .

Somewhere over the little knoll through the trees I could glimpse a sliver of water, ‘oh the sea’ I decided.

We were at a park in Spain by the sea.

Later that day I could smell the chlorine from the pond on a walk , your imagination is only so good you know.

Hola Don Quixote

In all fairness our park had boats too.

Less poetic but still sea worthy.

Parks in Spain encourage all you can eat sandía.


Luckily the Spanish have embraced American Football.


Many park goers ran from the bulls with balls. I found it too caliente, and so sat upon a césped silla.

Oddly enough in Spain they serve Americano picnic foods. So we felt right at home. 


The Spanish have beautiful women and strange characters.

See how fast los ancianos  are running.

  El hombre in the white shirt didn’t move so fast the next morning, something about feeling hit by a train.  Perhaps it was the Americano game of baseball and football with six niños or perhaps it was weekend warrior disease. All I know is that Ben-gay can make your eyes water in large quantities.


Adios park, it was a bueno day. La Señora 





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