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September 4, 2011

Oh Dandelion

O Dandelion, yellow as gold, what do you do all day?
“I just wait here in the tall, green grass, ’till the children come to play.”

O Dandelion, yellow as gold, what do you do all night?
“I wait and wait, while the cool dew falls, and my hair grows long and white.”

And what do you do when your hair grows white, and the children come to play?
“They take me in their dimpled hands, and blow my hair away!”

-author unknown

It takes a lot of gauze. And baskets, as though World Market heaved up its lunch of sea grass, willow and birch. Then there is the pine. Truth be told I am not a pumpkin pine, yellow pine anything pine  other than the piney woods, christmas trees, and pinecones kinda gal.  The pine doth over take us in there.

Before we discus this any further we should address the walls.  Malibu Peach. Her pastel-and pink perfect color scheme, love of a pleat and a way with floaty gauze makes me think that indeed Malibu Barbie may have been an early Waldorf student , consumed some “brownie”s in her time, knitted a scarf and  perhaps makes a mean stone soup , no pun intended.


Last Tuesday I received a phone call request to see if I would become the  new kindergarten assistant . The past few days have been spent creating a brand new Dandelion classroom. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute eh?

We will have painting,


and friends to join us.

Say hello to  Gentle and Soft, our first friends on the nature table.

Our swan song to summer ( sorry, too easy) they will introduce how to touch in Kindergarten.

Soft is fairly brazen and brave,

but Gentle  is ever so shy         

I would write more but I need to sew, 24 place mats  in red, lavender, yellow, orange, and green, and same in napkins. Ready class let’s do kindy math 120 place mats and 120 napkins equal one tired assistant.

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