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Animal House

October 18, 2011

There have always been animals in the house. I mean besides the children and Coach. There was at one point I believe, a rabbit who lived in hutch the kitchen , followed by his” friend”  in another hutch who my brother during an animal sitting episode let “play” together creating  the possibility of baby bunnies upon which I drew the bunny line, sans cute costume and tail; a fish, a class project crayfish  my daughter couldn’t dissect ( lived a long time for a crustacean in a house with butter), two dogs, a senile cat and a tortoise. There may have been others but I gave up asking or counting at that point and just spent a great deal of time at the pet store.

Yesterday we were a two dog house and today we are a one dog house. One less wet nose and sweet pair of eyes at the dinner table slyly acting like they are just walking by Coach, uh huh as if.

May you always have some one to chase you  so you can”hop” and children to herd  my sweet Mollie. We’ll miss you sweet girl. As I sit here at the desk writing, my lap already misses the wet drool puddle and persistent needle nose pushes for ear scratches.

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  1. heather permalink
    October 19, 2011 9:23 pm

    Dear Sweet Mollie Girl,
    Thanks for letting me stay at your home, drink from your bowl, eat your food and disrupt your life. We’ll play ball together when I get to heaven, and I’ll look out for Hoover while you’re away. I’ll miss you friend until . . . .

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