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Phonetic Phriday

October 27, 2011

AKA ” You’ve wanted to use that word all week”

I have a” friend” who has derisive things to say about my vocabulary.  Not that I don’t have one, I do, I can $5.00 word  you up the wazoo, it would be the pronunciation or more often the EMPH-ass-is on the se-LABLE  that seems to have me twisting my tongue.

Join in my fun, learn and grow with me. After all they say , Friends who learn together, uh , uh, are smart?

I will be using various word of the day programs willy-nilly.

Ready ..set…get smart.

  • catachresis
    • catachresis
    • audio pronunciation
    • \kat-uh-KREE-sis\


    : use of the wrong word for the context
    : use of a forced and especially paradoxical figure of speech
    Sample sentence:  In an effort to reduce her deep-seated catachresis issues , Tammra has begun to write Phonetic Phriday Posts.
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