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Phonetic Phriday

November 4, 2011

AKA ” You’ve wanted to use that word all week”

I have a” friend” who has derisive things to say about my vocabulary.  Not that I don’t have one, I do, I can $5.00 word  you up the wazoo, it would be the pronunciation or more often the EMPH-ass-is on the se-LABLE  that seems to have me twisting my tongue.

Join in my fun, learn and grow with me. After all they say , Friends who learn together, uh , uh, are smart

Word of the Day

amalgamate v

  1. To merge, to combine, to blend, to join.
  2. To make an alloy of a metal and mercury.
  3. (mathematics) To combine (free groups) by identifying respective isomorphic subgroups.

Sample sentence. 

Phonetic Phriday  was almost skipped because Tammra could not amalgamate her 3  jobs, 3 children and 3 events planned for this weekend. But her got it all phixed now. 


When a bunch of really good grapes sit for a while and ferment you can taste the amalgamation of sun, terroir, vintner touch and the need for a fine brie. 


So I want to know, could we make this into one of those slang hip words. “It was so  agmated  dude”.

Here are some pictures  for no particular reason except that I’m getting agmated on my camera and haven’t shared in a while. 

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