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Random Thoughts

November 6, 2011

Random thoughts from this week.

 Things further below your top ten for your child to say to you:

Its only lice mom, it’s not like I’m gonna get it.

Can I grow up to be a mascot too momma?

If I told you that I lost it would you be mad mad or really mad mad?

Where is the plunger?

If I tell you, will you not tell Dad?

I did not hit her that hard Mom, I only hit her this hard. (punch to arm)

Do you have insurance on your computer momma?

Hoover is barfing…. on the carpet, and it’s on the bedspread, and eeewww down the stairs.

I couldn’t get it to go back on, but then when I pushed it really hard it went back on , and now it won’t like come off.

The neighbor across the street said that  our fire alarm must have been going off since 1 pm (reported at 4:30 as we arrive  home)

Harmony has a bee sting  and her hand is swelling up ( directly after the above and during the clamor to pull all 7 alarms off the ceiling  while maintaining  my ear drums on a too short step stool)

So it got on the carpet but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna stain. (face paint, it stained)

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