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little more than comatose

November 19, 2011

You are not blogging enough.

This is true. My blogging has taken a slow turn of rigamortis. Not that I don’t think of you daily, I do. Oh I could blog about THAT crosses my mind fairly often, if not daily. The picassa and iPhoto hold a ton of new material.

But then there is the fact that I tend to startle awake when Coach gets in bed at 10 pm , drool on my chin, book having slid to my navel.  I am hanging in there by my finger nails people.

So here are a  few pictures from the last few weeks to prove I am little more than comatose.

I am noticing  that  my  itty bitty social life  is out to get me. When the big envelope arrives in the mail I am giddy , look I get to go somewhere I think, upon which is followed  the realization that any other event in the barren desert of my  calendar is on the same date.

Case in point.

Our school celebrated its Harvest Faire. I was a vendor, I sold exactly 3 things.

THAT night of the Faire was my baby brother’s 30th birthday party. Both my sister and I received the same comment “Wow, you have a brother who’s 30?”  She and I are two years apart, he is not.

I wish to be clear, although it might seem shocking to believe I am old enough to have a baby brother who is 30 or perhaps you are stunned that I am still standing without a cane , clearly  it is inappropriate to use wow and raised eyebrows while commenting on my age. He however  is young enough to have a pinata,

and a 7 iron.

His cake nearly burst into flame  the next evening. Mine never does that! ( Watch the corner)

We went to Disneyland with my good friend and her family. It is it wonderful to have another family that you love so much.

This is true, it is a small world and most of it was in line with us all day. Should I ever become a sociologist or an anthropologist,  I will buy life long passes to Disney and watch life unfold. They need a ride called Tilt a Head , you sit and sip a coffee and watch the people walk by, leaning your head to the side as you and your seat partner ask “Did you see that?” Meggan and I are currently refining the ride.

The children used my camera a lot. There were 45 pictures of one ride and its manicured animals.  I regret that I will be unable to share them all with you.

This is my favorite picture.

We had just begun our cruise of the jungle, and Harmony is struggling to hear the guide and  not quite sure if the animals are real or what exactly is the point.

Again on double booking. The Lantern Walk at school lost to the check mate of the annual John Wayne Cancer Foundation Thanksgiving Dinner  last Thursday night. This year, long time friends who’s son rides for our team joined us. Congratulations to the Wayne family, the athletes and sponsors for another fabulous year of programs and support.  ( guess who forgot her new camera and used the phone)

And on our nature walk yesterday we saw a beautiful crane and a blue heron. Their wing tips are truly cerulean blue. Oh, look.  Dead animal bones here forth called “fossils”.

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