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Putting the Bird in the Box

November 26, 2011


The year has turned its circle,

The seasons come and go.

The harvest all is gathered in

And chilly north winds blow.

Orchards have shared their treasures,

The fields, their yellow grain,

So open wide the doorway~

Thanksgiving comes again!

~Old Rhyme

We have had two Thanksgivings and we are stuffed. Gobble. The first at my sisters and then Thursday here at  home.

It has been a while  since I hosted a holiday.

I felt out of practice, but the day itself went well.

My mother and I fretted that the turkey would never thaw and we would have a popsicle dinner, instead it cooked faster than any 22 lb turkey in the world.

Wednesday night as I lie in bed contemplating  the  frozen turkey doing the back stroke  in a picnic cooler full of water on the back porch, I realized after 13 years of living here,  I have only one oven. Shocking.  How did this escape me. How was I too keep everything warm and also bake? Which is why the neighbors saw Coach fire up the BBQ.

There has been much to be thankful for this year.



Oddly enough I spent Thursday  stuffing a turkey I took out of a big box, stuffing my face (no box) and am now  stuffing turkey items into boxes

With the weekends being full until Christmas, down come the big red boxes.

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