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All Aboard

December 10, 2011

I’ve been working on the railroad

All the live-long day.

I’ve been working on the railroad

Just to pass the time away.

I’ve been working on the railroad

Just to hide from my mom all day.

I’ve been working on the railroad

She won’t let me watch TV, play on the phone or text anyway.

She’s so mean wouldn’t you say?

Welcome aboard the B & H Railroad Ladies and Gentlemen. Our steam engine pulling the circus cars will take us along a slow circuit of  little known world  under the dining room table.

All Aboard.

Our travels begin along the edges of the prima forest. (I know its primordial, this is my post I’ll call it what I want) Once it was the great forest of all kinds of tree, from  mesquite to evergreen and a few cacti but as you can see the logging camps came and only a few specimen remain.

Here on the Serengeti Polar Glen arctic caribou, North American plastic deer and  Undefined Beige cats  roam freely.

OH NO, watch out deer  you are being stalked by a mini beige cat. Oh the horror of travel.

In the wet lands ducks are used to  guide the Hippos  through the murky water ways ( note to my sister in law, notice no glass windows)

Not far off from the Serengeti Polar Glen lies the Enchanted Herd Lands where cocks crow and cattle, well, cattle stand.

All are tended by kind mute farmers garbed in traditional costumes created by wacky  nordic designers of yore.

Like all     many  native cultures the Stand on Log to Survive tribe  has been graciously given an area of land. on which to thrive survive.

However that land is currently under speculation by local developers for future castle expansion. Concrete for all!

Though they wait in vain on the platform not all travelers are welcome on the T & T, and some decline to board.

Brrr. The Arctic cold can really nip at your fingers and toes.

Oh look now they’re after the deep gas. Frack!

As we round the bend our trip is over.

Thank you folks for riding with us today .

Remember every trip around the little known world  under the dining room table  is an adventure.



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  1. 5andcounting permalink
    December 10, 2011 12:46 pm

    Love it!!! so glad you are using your train…just talked about putting ours up to your daddy-o and he x-nayed it.
    mr. k was here this am & now mr gc is here borrowing a club, while daddy-o is putting the finishing touches on the tree that has sprung up in our living room. gave mr. gc a hug and now I smell like after shave…too much info……i know i know i know

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