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March 14, 2012

Monday  night Coach and I attended a reception that reminded me ,Waldorf kindergarten outfits a wardrobe  do not make.

Luckily, buried behind the aprons was a dusty pair of slacks and a blouse so I was able to go and ogle the buffet table.

I only tell you this so that you might both feel sorry for the state of my closet but also envious that I went out. Though it comes to mind, you might also get out and if so, bully for you.

Actually, before I digressed I wanted to share this.

Order’s left arm and wrist. X-rays fascinate me.

There is beauty in their stark image and I wonder that such a slim bone, seemly so delicate and fine could be hearty enough to have only fractured at the wrist and not shattered or splintered. On a cycling training ride Tuesday afternoon, she “slid out” and we then slid into the ER.

She is sleeping upstairs after a painful night. I had forgotten the weary morning feeling of having someone to care for all night.

But , before the phone call that let me know we would be waiting in the ER, I was just getting ready  to nibble on these lovelies.

You knew I’d circle back around right?

Vast quantities were on that buffet table,

Beautifully staged and propped, surrounded by breads, crackers, olives, dried fruits and nuts,

Nestled with jellies and conserves herfore unbeknownst to me.

But in the most wonderful and fortuitous fromage laden twist,

My friend’s husband was involved in the catering.

This ment that a platter laden with the best kind of mold was gifted to me yesterday afternoon.

So basically to re-cap. Clothing bad. Reception good, Fractured wrist bad, Cheese good.

Power to the people eating cheese.

It is amazing what I can weave together eh?

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