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March 18, 2012

Can you guess my favorite color?

While we’re talking green. You’d think, what with it being all the rage a while ago that I would have given homemade polenta a whirl.

Not so much.

Although they will try almost anything I put before them this seemed far out to me.

I know, I know, but I’d tried to slice the “log o’polenta” you can buy,  fried it in butter and topped it with sauce and it went over and out. So because it is all out bellowing winter here today, and no one was around to make the ewww sound I gave it a spin.

Oh my goodness.

And because I sat in my PJ’s until it was unseemly to be caught  in them curled up in bed reading, and then was hungry,

and because no one was around to make the eww sound I also made this to go onto the polenta.

Green eggs. Oh happy, rainy, cold, grey day!

Go here for more of her recipes on line  Melissa Clark – Food Writer  , or better yet buy the book!

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