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The Sirens of Vintage

April 4, 2012

Beyond the beets and kale it beckoned me, called my name.  Sang me into its lair.

The Sirens of  Vintage.

A few weekends ago I happened upon the flea market as I strolled through the farmers market.

It’s a good thing too, because where would these poor things have lived if I hadn’t had the pity to rescue them from a dismal life in a storage unit?

I’m a giver, its hard, but I try.

The LAMP, this has been on my covet list for a while. They are everywhere in magazines and blogs. The lovely alabaster lamp.

Rewired and polished up she is illuminating. Now she needs a black lamp shade. I have been to quite a few stores  looking for a black shade that uses a harp, guess what, no one carries a black shade that doesn’t sit upon the socket. I hate socket sitters.

A woolen blanket  a smaller vintage woolen one that I am guessing must have been what once was called a lap blanket,

or for what I intend to use it as….a scarf  to wear with…

the belt everyone has seen me in daily. I love this belt. I don’t know why. And with this warmer weather the blanket is warming my lap at my desk early morning.

But this is what pulled me in to the vendor’s stall.

Vintage bread cutting boards.

There were three  and one  was out my pocket book’s reach but these  two I snapped up.

Bread is made weekly in kindergarten and now that our new oven is in —

What I forgot to tell you?

Oh yes she’s here, the sweet girl. Ain’t she a beaut? In another post we’ll talk about rapid boil burners and utter joy.

Anyway, new vintage cutting boards and knife + new oven = BREAD weekly, warm lap and light. Life is good.

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  1. Tamara permalink
    April 5, 2012 6:38 am

    I like warm bread and warm blankets! Congrats on your lovely finds!

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