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Bossy Pants

October 29, 2012

Do you remember telling your parents or another adult  this?

Or perhaps you are one of the lucky few who have heard this said to you from a child.

Guess what?

Today is your day, you struck  the mother lode of all jackpots, your ship has come in .

You are the grown up.

Yippie, you’ve risen in rank and are now boss of you and all the little people around you. How lucky can one gal get.

Woo hoo, Smore’s Cake for everybody!!

Or perhaps frozen unsweetened  naturally probiotic yogurt.

We forget that we are indeed the proverbial boss. Back in the dark ages when I was a younger mother, there were days I would follow up directions to  my child with “ok honey?”  or “what do you think” as though the answer she gave would determine our fate or any  future happening. Frankly she never  really had any say in the matter, I just thought it sounded “softer” or nice. I have since gotten over all that.

Now I am amused, in a been there done that way ,when I hear parents give direction or interaction or warning to their child followed up with a question of acquiescence.

Many moons ago, on a crisp fall day like today, Waldorf teacher and mentor Penny Sparks, looked right at me and told me to “put on your crown  because you are the QUEEN”.

The monarchy has never been the same.

I urge you, nay  I send forth the regal decree, please for love and mercy be the boss of them, be the parent not the buddy, or pal or friend. Children crave safety and one sure fire way to offer that to your child is be someone they trust and know to be consistent . Someone who doesn’t waver and wishy wash about rules or boundaries, ie  it was time to go home but now you’ve whined and I am too tired to deal with said whining so ok we’ll stay attitude.  Not good.

A child doesn’t have the capacity to make decisions yet and it is frightening to them to carry such a burden. While the little Napoleons in your realm would like to rule the kingdom, abdication of the throne should not be in your royal bag o’tricks.

After all, when the Queen is happy, there is peace in the kingdom.


No parents were harmed in the capture of photos

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  1. Tutu permalink
    October 29, 2012 11:49 am

    Hhmm, I “think” I may have heard that sentence once or twice or maybe 1000 times, in my memory from the “New Queen” many moons ago. Oh boy it sure is sweet from where I sit….
    If I can stop laughing I may go get dressed….as IT is nearly noon here in grandparentville.

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