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Celebrating Mostly

November 27, 2012

It always seems like a good idea doesn’t it?

Hosting the holidays.

Once the day  arrives, if you are still standing and cognizant that you are supposed to be enjoying your family, not resenting the whole blasted event, well then, I suppose it is rather fun. Mostly.

I mean in retrospect, because in full force forward it’s not all that fun.

Have you found that once an event is immanent, your home becomes the catalyst for frenzied urgent home improvement that you’d only briefly given thought to previously?  Once the number of guests out grew the number of dining chairs we own, Thanksgiving migrated outside to the patio and my rather obsessive weather checks began.

Once the dining area location relocated, the reality of the yard became self evident. We stood for a few nights beer and wine in-hand and observed the space not really talking about it, because that implies action. We prefer a stoic bracing for the worst  sip, sigh, look commentary. “Umm, did you notice that half of the yard’s  pavers are sinking into the ground ? Yep, and the plants are dying or over grown” Sip, sigh, look, repeat. And so it began.

They do not pay professionals enough is all I am saying.

How about a ping-pong table, we should find one for the kids to use in the garage. One ping-pong table, and one garage cleaned out.


Here is what I have learned.

Hang a few lights, drape a few burlap swags, light a few candles, feed a few people and everything is lovely. Mostly.

It helps if the heater works too.

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