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Twas the days after Christmas

December 27, 2012


He arrived right on time, which I think was around 1 am.


It seems to me that I can remember hearing the  sleigh land on the roof  around 9 pm and papa in his night-cap was snoring by 10 pm.  Nowadays  Santa has had to recalculate his arrival to a new time zone. Teenage Standard Time.


It was fun,


It was lovely.


It is over.


I am packing up Christmas and putting it away. Even for me this is a record.


It seems that I may be the only person who loves to decorate for winter but not so much for Christmas. This could come as a surprise to Coach as he lifts the 6 or so  large and heavy red boxes up to  the garage rafters.


As I write the house is filled with the smell of toasting cinnamon bread and  teenage playlist rocking the upstairs, young girls laughter and a modeling show of new outfits. Santa, being the genius that he is, brought walkie talkies to Harmony who with the little girl next door has set up elaborate communication stations.  Being home with my girls and Coach who is on vacation this week feels like the greatest gift of all.


These next few days will be filled with cleaning up & clearing out  both physically and metaphorically.  I am again using both Susannah  Conway’s  Unravelling 2013 Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013 workbook & planner.  and Lynn Jericho’s Holy Night studies Please read online, here . Both offer the pause I need to center and align myself for the coming new year.

May the last few days of 2012 bring you peace and  joy.

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