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Joys of Learning

March 2, 2013

One of things that inspires me about being a Waldorf educator  are the interactions with information the children experience and their great joy from this.

Steiner gives indications (which is a fancy way of saying “the big guy says…” , and not having to pull out the quote– but it is in Balance of Teaching, free down load at Steiner Books) that learning and memory forces are strongest when we learn in our own way (4  modalities)  though the learning process itself is always the same. Information or experiences are taken in by us and then transformed into memory. A quick description might be : we Perceive =breath in the experience of the world through our nerve senses, we Comprehend= are warmed through this breath or understanding and concentration  and then Remember= are nourished  through the transformation of  meaning and our will forces. This re-membering, for we rebuild the image, gives rise to that wonderful feeling of accomplishment, the great joy of satisfaction because we have masted the information or skill and it is now a part of us.















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