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Notes to Myself

August 25, 2013


I can remember many hours spent in my grandmother’s pool during the summer when I was a girl. My mother had been a  hairdresser before my siblings and I were born. Once a week we would drive to Baba’s so mom could give her a wash and curler set. It was your typical post-war house and had  a pool, big and deep and cold.  I would float on rafts we’d pull from the dusty shed’s creaky hinge door. Buoyed by the raft, toes on the edge of the pool deck I’d drift off in daydreams only to ‘wake’ drifting  in the center of the pool.



Summer’s transition into fall seems that way to me. One moment you have a foothold on the wide expanse of summer  and the next it has drifted away and you’re suddenly in fall paddling to re-anchor. One of the anchors that I’ve used over the years and that is also used  in Waldorf classrooms is the Seasonal or Nature Table.  While I’ve written a bit about Nature Tables and given workshops on them, in each of these I’ve specifically oriented the Nature Tables to the young child.

IMG_0020 IMG_0022 IMG_0025

There is another type that I also create and it is specifically for ME and ancillary for my children, family or guests. These are the seasonal notes that I write to myself. They are written all over my home large and small, vignettes on  night stands, entry table, centerpieces, chalkboard, bathroom counters… Living in Southern California it is hard to remember that there are seasons besides, Summer and cooler weather than Summer.

DSC_0177 DSC_0176

Over the next week as we prepare for the first days of school, clean out closets, look for misplaced notebooks and supplies and prep for much earlier mornings, I will being to transition the house from summer sun, and shells to the beginning of autumn. Each season as I shift the tableaux . Inspired, creating moments of beauty and seasonal rhythm.


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