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Glass Bottomed Boats

December 1, 2013


The First Light of Advent

Today, already, it crept up so fast.


My table has hardly been cleared of the festivities from last week.


The visiting Tribes and Pilgrims have gone home.

DSC_0043DSC_0038DSC_0006 DSC_0003

In the garage, orange storage boxes compete for space with the red and green.


Unprepared and scrambling my Advent candle wreath is yet unmade, and thrown together.

School resumes tomorrow. Gifts to buy, packages to wrap, lists to cross, so giddy, so busy, so festive. Hurry, do, fix.

It would be easy to become lost in the flurry. Effortless to allow oneself to be caught in the current swirling past. Simple to detach and coast along the surface of the season.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John Augustus Shedd   


For me, and I might only speak for myself, lost is not what the Advent  season is for;  instead, it is a chance to seek. Oneself, humankind, light, introspection, personal spiritual beliefs and understandings, the God in all things if you will, the impulse of the Christ.

Meaning. Preparing. Waiting. Quietude.

While joyous and celebratory it is also the silence in the cheer.

Like a glass bottomed boat, this season offers views to wonders beneath the surface.

Last year I wrote this :   The First Light of Advent   Georges_de_La_Tour_049

Today I found new to me version of the 4 Waldorf Advent verses to add to our candle lighting. (in italics)

Each night this week as we sit for dinner we will light the center candle and I will say the verses below as a blessing. Each Sunday another smaller candle will be lit and a new verse added.


The first light of advent
It is the light of stones
The light that lives in crystals
seashells and bones.

Beneath night’s dark blanket
a white candle is lit.
A warm Advent gift,
the flame of human spirit.

With this first light of Advent,
we give thanks to the stones.
To the shells and the sand,
to the crystals and bones.

Bless the strength
and support they provide,
holding us steady
on our foundation outside.

Bless their beauty
and inner light.
Illuminating our lives
in the darkest of nights.

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