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2nd Light Of Advent

December 9, 2013


St Nicholas came to visit on December 6th, oh the joy on the Kindergarten ramp when it was time to put on shoes.


The second light of Advent is the light of plants–
Plants that reach up to the sun and in the breezes dance. 

Part of our family’s tradition is to get our tree this week. In unusually  cold weather we bundled up in boots, scarfs and jackets. We set out through the wind and the rain, over hill and dale to the local hardware store lot.

I cannot think of the last time in which I stood willingly in a torrential downpour. “This will be a memory we talk about forever ” quipped Harmony.



You may wish to bring in poinsettias or garlands this week. It is also a wonderful week to read the Christmas Rose or plant paperwhites to bloom in January.

Plant Verse/2nd Light of Advent 

Beneath night’s dark blanket

a white candle is lit.

A warm Advent gift,

the flame of human spirit.

With this 2nd light of advent

We give thanks to the plants.

To the flowers and trees,

to the vegetables and grass.

Bless the shelter

and life force they provide,

their nourishment and oxygen

Enfolds our lives.

Bless their beauty

Gracing the land,

The strength of their roots

Above which we stand.



**Just a reminder Santa Lucia Day is December 13th, for those of you who wish to celebrate.

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