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One Thing A Day

One thing A Day
Here is the lay of the land. I am committed to trying to do one thing a day that supports my ideal of living in Beauty, Harmony. Everyday, in addition to my regularly schedule programming I will do/be/try one new thing.  Some will be grand gestures and others will be small but potent, some will be a one time action others may be integrated into daily life. Hopefully the year will circle around and I will have completed, achieved, learned, created, or improved upon 365 things. But more than that, I will have changed how I feel, act and meet life daily,with mindfulness, beauty, harmony and order. To read the original post go here.
Please leave a comment if you are trying out one thing a day.
  1. Beauty–Dresser re-paint, knobs strip and replace
  2. Harmony–Steiner’s Daily Review
  3. Harmony– Time to write
  4. Order–Little Messes
  5. Order–Pictures and posting for Etsy and Ebay
  6. Beauty–Hall closet
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  1. Tamara Panning permalink
    May 4, 2011 8:17 pm

    Hi long lost 2nd cousin Te, it’s been a year ago when we visited at your parents. We had a wonderful time getting to know you all. You have a fun blog. Now I need time to read it all. Blessings – tamara

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